• Coco Gunn

Dear Queen, you are absolutely right,we are usually late because our significant other is not ready!

Oh man! This topic comes after a very eventful weekend!

As many of you know, relationships are a challenge....EVERY DAY!!!!

Each person has their way of doing things, compromises have to be made. OFTEN!

So lets recap this weekend.........

We were invited to a birthday party with the expectation that we wouldn't stay out late. We are getting up there in age, which means late nights aren't the best options for us.

So we AGREED, that we would leave 10pm. Once again.....we AGREED....together.

9pm rolls around and I know that I have one hour to leave......so I'm focused on getting dressed .

Meanwhile.......Vic is dancing and having a good ole time...and I look at him like " Boy shouldn't you be getting dressed!!!!!"

Now for those who know me, I am always about being on time. Its an obsession, I think, to be honest.


So 10pm rolls around and guess who isn't ready.........just guess........

Now, I'm sure we don't have to give you a play by play of what insued after 10:01 hit.....

We may do a live video about our thoughts on time management down the road.

So lets just say we didn't get to the party until 12:01am.

I'm going to let that sink in for a sec.




If you know me well, you how frustrated I can get about being on time to things. I have worked on it over the years. But can honestly say.....Vic ALWAYS makes me late.

So moving forward, I'm going to start telling him we need to be at an event 2 hours before we have to be there, so we can leave on time.



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