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Dear Queen, Yes, you CAN do it all.....


My apologies it has been so long since my last entry! I have been super busy with work and LIFE!

Sooooo......lets talk a bit about wanting to do EVERYTHING....but afraid you CAN'T do you end up doing NOTHING!!

So last week I was super overwhelmed...I direct a dance team, I have my own blog, I'm CEO of my own Women Empowerment Organization, and I work a full time job.

And last week self-doubt snuck into my mindset.

I was questioning if I could really do it all?

Did I take on to much?

What if I fail at everything?

All common thoughts I'm sure we have shared at one time or another.

Look here is the tea:

1. Learn to Delegate-you probably have people in your inner circle who don't mind helping.

2. List Items in Order of Importance-We may think EVERYTHING is important, but in reality, somethings CAN be put on the back burner.

3.Time Management-this is HUGE! Block out a certain amount of time for your task....and STICK to that time.

4.Breath- you aren't going to die if you don't complete everything in that SECOND...and holding your breath, hoping you get it done doesn't help!

Look, you are HUMAN, and its perfectly normal to bite off more than you can chew....however, don't let self doubt kick in and tell you that you can't get it done.

Plan it out....STICK to that plan.....and you CAN do it ALL!!!



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