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Dear Queen, Yep Mother Nature Comes At The Wrong time for me too.


How often do you dread that "time of the month"? Seriously.....we have to deal with one week of PMS followed by another 3-5 days of feeling like we can't leave the house because we don't want to carry our " monthly bag".

The first time I received my period, I was in 6th grade. It was raining, and I was headed to PE class.

I went to change clothes and boom...mother nature gave me a wake up call!

Obviously, this was a huge deal for my mom, but I was like " I have to wear that diaper thing everyday for five days!"

Not cool, especially when you are in middle school.

Not to mention at the time, tampons were the devil. Rumor around school was if you wore one, you were no longer a virgin.

So the next day I went school and it was like the bullies had me on their radar.

They took my bag, mind you my mom had packed it with pads, and opened my bag and pulled out EVERYTHING...pads included.

I was so embarrassed and from that moment on, I dreaded getting my period every month.

Listen, I know this is something we have dealt with for many years. We have been provided alternatives to help with the symptoms, but still its often a pain in the rear, especially if it comes at the wrong time!

One of my followers on Facebook wrote " I started my period in a room full of men, not like a can ask them for a tampon".

Honey, I agree with you 100%.

But lets look at the bright side....we are technically the only creatures who bleed for 5 days and still survive...ok, that's a bit extreme....but sometimes we have to look at this as a blessing.

We were created for great things and our body is a gift. Its a temple. I now consider my monthly cycle to be more of a self love opportunity. I take time to myself, and really just embrace the moment.

Embrace the moment probably through you for a loop. But really think about it. Yes we cramp, bloat, have mood swings, but its all part of who we are as women. Its a unique process that men will never get to experience.

Even though sometimes we wish they would, in which they would probably tap out after the first time they had to change their pad or tampon.

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