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  • Coco Gunn

Dear Queen, Why is it that I can never find jeans that fit?


Society says:

"You are too skinny."

"You are too fat."

"You have a big butt."

"You don't have a butt."

GEEZ.....make up your mind already!

So, not only do women have to deal with society placing a "size" on us, we have to deal with designers doing the exact same!!!

So let me get this straight.....

You want me to have curves but yet still fit into single digit measurements are even single digits!

How do you expect me to fit into jeans that are!

I am a WOMAN!

I am supposed to have maybe....just maybe....designers should think about making jeans that fit a WOMAN's body type for crying out loud!!!!

I mean, I'm supposed to have a small waist and thick thighs but fit in to jeans that don't match either of those options...

they either don't fit the waist, but fit my hips and butt,

or fit my hips and butt and don't fit my waist....

or don't fit neither and make me look like a don't have a butt at all or an extra wide one!

Oh wait, I forgot to mention we have to be slaves to the gym as well, just to fit into the one pair of jeans that fits perfect, but on that time of the month, they don't fit!

Granted, we all have that ONE PAIR!

You know, the one that you don't have to lay on the bed to get know which ones I'm talking about....

Last time I checked, I LOVE my curves.

Granted it has taken me sometime to really embrace them.

My advice... be happy in the skin you're in!!!! The key to loving and embracing your body.....COMPLIMENT YOURSELF EVERY DAY!!!!

We all spend time everyday in the mirror, practicing negative self talk:

"My hair is to thin"

"My makeup came out bad"

"Do I look fat in this"

"Nothing fits me anymore"

"I've gained so much weight" why not spend that time complimenting EVERYTHING YOU LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF?

Tomorrow morning, when you wake up, the first thing I want you to do, after brushing your teeth of course is say(I don't want you saying this and fogging up the mirror so you can actually see yourself).........

" I'm bad ass Queen and I love the skin I'm in!"

GO ahead Queen....try it!

One more time....louder for the haters in the back......


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