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  • Coco Gunn

Dear Queen, that job you want, is already yours.

It was 2015, I was at the point in my life were I wasn't really sure where my career path was going. I was working for a company where my integrity was being questioned.

The person that was questioning it Why was I trying to convince a high school student to pay $90,000 for a degree I knew wasn't nationally accredited. I knew their career path wasn't going to pay them enough to cover the cost of paying back their student loans.

I woke up everyday and struggled to get in the car and head to this job that I hated. I would constantly call in because I didn't want to be there. I was constantly getting pulled into my bosses office, getting write ups left and right.

I....was....miserable.......yet, I didn't have the desire to look for another job. I didn't have the desire to update my resume.

In all honesty....I FELT STUCK.

That is when it hit me......I needed to make a change and quick.

I needed to find a career that I loved, a career that I enjoyed going to everyday.

Unfortunately, I felt as though I had waited to long and the opportunity had passed me to really have my "dream job".

It was about a week after my last "convo with my current boss" and a friend of mind, who was a recruiter at the time, called me and said he thinks he may have a position at a company that was a perfect fit for me.

Mind you......I still wasn't looking for a job.....I hadn't even updated my resume yet.

He ask that I look into the company, do some research and see if I would be interested.


After doing my research..something inside of me said...."THIS IS IT!"

I immediately updated my resume, sent it to my friend and I had a interview that week and one week later I accepted the position.

What was the biggest game changer......I knew I had that job before I even interviewed.

How did I know.....

I've never done that much research on any company, I made sure my resume was perfect, I purchased a brand new suit for my interview.


Queens, trust me when I say..if a job is meant for will know it. You will do things that you wouldn't normally do to prepare for the will be excited all day long waiting for the phone to ring.

So if you are reading this and are me when I say...the time is patient...yet be ready!



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