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  • Coco Gunn

Dear Queen, my mother was right.....

Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing moms out there!

So in honor of our moms, lets talk about how often they were right!

Lets start with washing our face before we go to bed....yep I am a serial non face washer after I come home from a night out.

Mom told me it would give me wrinkles and dark circles but did I listen??


However, I learned my lesson quick and created a skin regimen ASAP!

What about this one " There is nothing good that happens after 2am!" (in my mom's voice)

Boy oh Boy, this one got me in a lot of trouble. I am thankful that I didn't have anything drastic happen during those late nights. Now that I'm older(not telling my age), I realize that staying home to watch Netflix is a perfectly good option.

FYI....if you haven't seen The Adventures of need to get on that quick. about when she told you to go get the belt and you came out with a belt that you knew wouldn't hurt that bad.

(Side note....some people think that whooping your kid is a bad idea..I'm not saying either are right or wrong, however, I got whoopins and came out just fine.)

Back to the story....for those of us that had to do that wobble after getting a whoopin, you know what I'm talking about. With moms, there was no way to beat the would just prolong your a** whoopin!

Ohhh this is a good one " Don't eat before you go to bed!"

Yea that was a good idea when you were a child, however, now......yea that is not exactly the best way to keep my body in shape.

Age and late night meals don't mix!

Talk about WEIGHT GAIN!!!!

But those late night runs to the local burger chain(I'm a Texan so my heart will always belong to Whataburger) were totally worth it at the time( So I thought until I got food poisoning from Wendy's).

Listen, as we get older we start to think about how right our mothers really were. As kids we think, " Stop trying to control my life MOM!",but as adults we look back and think she was exactly right!

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms! Your job is one that requires so much and you do it with such grace! Continue to stay involved, continue to give advice, continue to be tough.

Trust me, your kids will thank you for it!

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