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  • Coco Gunn

Dear Queen, Its not worth blasting on social media.....

Well, well, well, here I am again, frustrated and extremely pissed and I pull out my phone.

I begin to screen shot(as us women do when we are pissed, usually forward to our closets friends)....*snap *snap *snap..thinking in my head " Oh you've f***** with the wrong one!"

I begin to open my Facebook page and begin to unleash my verbal dragon on a particular individual who has poked the wrong bear.

I begin to add...ALL SCREEN SHOTS....and I'm about to hit the "post" button and then I think to myself......" this really worth it, worth drama or even time of day you are wasting on creating this post?"

UGH!!! Really.....why did my brain have to interrupt my finger from hitting the "post" button.

Well probably because the post I was about to send out would wreck havoc! In my mind, at the time, it was totally worth...but in reality....WHO REALLY CARES!!!

My post may have been shared, LOTS of comments, and last for about a week...if that...and the aftermath......"DRAMA,DRAMA!" and more drama.

Listen sometimes in our frustration, we want to the person who hurt us to suffer, often times by suffer we mean burn in hell, come back to life and burn in hell again......BUT......

Once you post it, it can't be unseen......even if you delete it. ITS NOT WORTH BLASTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

As women we are often seen as emotional, irrational, angry, bitter, drama and everything in between.

A queen NEVER shows her cards....remember that the next time you are ready to hit the "POST" button.


Queen C

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