• Coco Gunn

Dear Queen....Here's to setting BOUNDARIES!!!!

Well, well, well...so you have this thing that is bothering you....frustrating you...irritating you.....but yet you refuse to say anything!!!!


I am a serial non-boundary setter!

I am not one to address the way that people behave with me.....its not the person, its the behavior...

I try my hardest to avoid conflict...as a matter of fact...I avoid it like the plague(transparency).

So I am working on setting boundaries and being able to voice the things I will tolerate and the things I won't.

People..in general no matter what role they play in your life...will take advantage of you, if you do not set boundaries.

The key to setting boundaries....finding VALUE in YOURSELF!!!!

Boundaries are an act of self love....its not about policing other peoples behaviors.

Its about the value you apply to yourself.

You have to become clear about who YOU ARE! You have to become consistent with your behaviors for yourself.....what is the theme behind why people treat you the way they do?

Why YOU tolerate certain behavior.

Find the VALUE in yourself, and the boundaries will stay strong.

Be honest with yourself, what value do you need to honor an order to become the person you want to be?

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