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  • Coco Gunn

Dear Queen, Happy Holidays..BUT..don't go into debt trying to show someone how much you love them!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Queen!!!!

What a year it has been! I can't believe we have made it to the end of 2019!

This year has been a roller coaster for me....more on that in another blog week!

But for now....lets talk about holiday shopping and the debt that we have all gotten ourselves into at one point or another, trying to impress family or friends.

Look, we all have credit cards, we all want to buy the best gifts, we all want to show our friends and family how much we love them.......but at what cost????

In all honesty, there was a point in my life where I hated the holidays.

As a matter of fact, I didn't start enjoying the holidays as an adult, until this year.



1. I wasn't smart with my money, so Christmas came around and I wasn't able to buy gifts.

2. I would receive gifts and not be able to give in return.

3. Because I was "broke" I was a big time GRINCH....and it was my own fault!!!!!

I was dreading every holiday because I wasn't able to buy great gifts...but now....I realized that spending time with friends and family is more valuable than we realize.

I participated in my first "friendsgiving" this year, flew home to see my parents for Thanksgiving, and now spending Christmas with the love of my life.

And THAT to me, is more valuable, then going broke trying to buy things I can't afford.

Gifts are great, but I believe we have lost the try meaning of the holidays. We are willing to put ourselves into debt trying to show someone how much we love them.

Time is more valuable than you know....spend time with your friends and family this year...and for 2020, spend everyday showing them how much you love them.

Happy Holidays!



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