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  • Coco Gunn


This one is for my queens who have found their king, but sometimes you wonder if he knows who is talking to half the time!

This is not a shot at my beloved by any means, but I'm sure we can all relate to that disagreement where you have to do a double take because you wanted to make sure he said what you thought he said.

And if any of you have ever seen the Barbie and Ken parody on Facebook, then you know it is spot on in playing out our inner thoughts when our man gets to bold.

First we think:

" Wait....did he just....

And then comes the:

" Naw he was just playing...."

Followed by:

" Oh HELL NO, he DID say that....hold the f*** up..."

We silently then think:

" Ok girl, calm down and really think about what scenarios can unfold if you do what I think you are going to do...."

Then comes:

" Its not worth it, pick your battles girl"

But then we think:

" What...pick my battles...HE needs to pick his battles and realize who he is talking to"

Then we begin to list all the bad ass things about ourselves:

" Does he not know who I AM!!! I'm independent, I pay my own bills, I have a great job, I consider myself to be successful, I don't need to depend on him, he is lucky to have me!!! "

You get the idea right.....????

But what if we really took a look at most of the disagreements we have with our significant other, are they REALLY that big of a deal, or is it a lack in communication?????

I'm sure we have all fallen victim to blowing things out of proportion every now and then. We feel bad and then end up apologizing and feeling even worst....

The best way to handle this was summed up by a pastor:

"Women, you don't know how to talk to men. Its not always about you being right, its about how you will move forward.

Men, you do not know how to talk to women. When you communicate with a woman it must be laced with two things: SENSITIVITY and SECURITY."

Food for thought, try it and comment below if you've seen a difference in how you communicate with your partner.

Trust me, its worth learning how to communicate, most disagreements are misunderstandings due to lack of communication.

Easy solution, you just have to put in the effort!

Ladies, feel those frustrations and emotions, but remember your partner IS NOT YOU. Therefore they way you like to be communicated with, is NOT the same way your partner communicates.

Learn their communication style, work at it, perfect it!



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